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Project: Vis-avis


Virtual Intercultural Skill Acquisition Via International Sessions


In the project Vis-a-vis (Virtual Intercultural Skill Acquisition Via International Sessions), pre- service teachers from Bonn work digitally with student teachers from other countries (currently Austria and Israel) for four weeks. During this time, they deal intensively with the topic of intercultural competence of (prospective) teachers.

The project pursues two objectives in particular:

  1. An increase in competence in the use of digital media among pre-service teachers in the context of their own learning and future teaching.
  2. An expansion of intercultural competencies among students through collaboration with students at distant international locations, with whom cooperation would not be possible without digital media.

Most of the work is done in self-determined, international working groups in which students meet via video conferencing. During these meetings, they use other innovative tools (e.g., digital collaborative concept mapping) to engage with a case story and build knowledge and future skills. A joint virtual final conference with presentation of results is the culmination of the collaborative work. At the end of the projects the students get rewarded with a digital badge.

Week 1 Joint conference Introduction into the project
Week 2
Group work Cooperative analysis of a case story Autonomous formulation of thematic research assignments
Week 3
Self-study phase Individual work on the thematic research assignments in the week between the two group work sessions
Week 4
Group work Exchange and discussion of the findings from the individual research phase. Preparation of a presentation for the final conference
Week 5
Joint conference Presentation and discussion of the group findings


Earning criteria for the digital badge

To earn this badge the students, need to meet the following criteria:

Badge Onlineprojekt new

  • work self-determined on a task
  • discuss a moral dilemma case
  • work online in a language other than their mother tongue as a team with students from other countries
  • use collaborative tools to support the group work
  • submit at least two self-reflection forms about the group work and the moral dilemma case
  • perform a high-quality literature research


Project participants at the university of Bonn

Jutta Standop
Professor of General Didactics and School Education at the University of Bonn. Research and teaching include the topic of digitization in school education.
Christoph Dähling
Research assistant at the University of Bonn, doctorate in the field of video-based digital teacher education.
Andreas Paffenholz
Student assistant at the Chair of General Didactics and School Education. Master student of mathematics and biology (teaching profession).


Awards and honors

delina 2021
Third place in the innovation award for digital education delina 2021 in the university category
Junior-Fellowship from the Stifterverband
Mr. Christoph Dähling received a Junior-Fellowship from the Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft for the conception of a seminar, the core of which will be the project presented here

Publications in the project context

  • Dähling, C., & Standop, J. (2020). Lernen: digital – international: Virtuelles problem- based learning zur Förderung der interkulturellen Kompetenz bei Lehramtsstudierenden. In M. Beißenwenger, B. Bulizek, I. Gryl, & F. Schacht (Eds.), Digitale Innovationen und Kompetenzen in der Lehramtsausbildung (pp. 379–391). DuEPublico: Duisburg-Essen Publications Online, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany.
  • Dähling, C., Standop, J., & Weinberger, A. (2020). Interkulturelle Fallgeschichten mit Schulbezug. Die Materialwerkstatt. Zeitschrift für Konzepte und Arbeitsmaterialien für Lehrer*innenbildung und Unterricht, 2(1).
  • Dähling, C., Weinberger, A., & Standop, J. (2019). Fostering Democratic Learning Experiences with Intercultural Virtual Problem-based Learning. Advance online publication.

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